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scientific and methodological support: technologies of crops cultivation, the development of rational crop rotation, soil conservation, energy-saving devices and systems of tillage, use of organic, mineral and trace fertilizers, growth stimulants, plant protection means from pests, diseases and weeds, biologization and diversification of crop for the south and south-east of Kazakhstan;
production and sale of original and elite seed for all admitted to the use varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops;
soil, agrochemical field mapping and scientific advice on the efficient use of arable land, evaluation of the ecological state of soils, crop production;
training of specialists agro industrial complex and agricultural consulting services on in the department of knowledge dissemination and implementation of developments in production
definition of seeds sowing qualities, technological and baking properties of wheat and flour;
provision of seed requests process: the definition of uniformity, typicality, and distinctness of varieties, the level of hybridity F1, purity of inbred lines . Rapid methods for the maintenance and evaluation of nutritional and optimal substances in the agricultural product.

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